To present natural and alternative remedies to open-minded individuals who want to be more productive, feel more inspired, and treat their minds the way that they should be treated. Whether we are outlining the benefits of a particular herb, a breathing exercise to reduce anxiety, or telling you stories about our personal experiences, we always promise transparency, accuracy, and honesty. We truly believe that there are natural remedies for many common ailments most people experience, and our goal is to share those thoughts and ideas with you.


As a young working couple who had just recently graduated from college, our journey began as we entered the workforce. As millennials who were ready and eager to apply our creativity to our crafts, we each entered and endured jobs in marketing that taught us (and continue to teach us) invaluable skills. And as we began sharpening our pencils and applying our knowledge to our own pursuits, we found ourselves tolerating long hours of moonlit work, massive sleep deficits, and very tired days. As avid fitness enthusiasts, we felt like we were not only pushing our bodies to the breaking point, but our minds as well.

So we did what many individuals our age do – we went to our doctors and obtained prescriptions for medications to assist with focus, touting late-onset adult ADHD as the root of the problem. At the time, we believed these solutions would help us to get ahead, open up our minds creatively, and allow us to work harder and more efficiently. However, as a result, we found it harder to sleep, thus making us more tired and less effective during the day. We went back to the doctor and obtained yet another prescription, this time to assist with sleep. And so began a year of brutal mistreatment of our minds, our bodies, and ultimately our ability to be creative and innovative. Eventually, we realized that these pharmaceutical “solutions” were not really solving our problems at all – they were just making us worse off.

However, as we continued to eat healthy, exercise regularly, and go about our normal routines, it took us a while to recognize the importance of keeping our minds as healthy and sharp as we were keeping our bodies. We steadily became less effective as what we did best – we wrote less often, had great ideas far more infrequently, and found ourselves to be less motivated than ever. In the same way that we were careful with what we put into our diet and the way we would utilize our time at the gym, we eventually realized the need to treat our minds like a muscle as well.

The need to discontinue our use of the harmful chemicals we were putting into our bodies equaled our desire to undo the harm and misuse we were engaging in, and fulfill our commitment to feeling ourselves again. Coincidentally, both of our families raised us to think about our health with a holistic perspective, incorporating herbs, roots, and healing plants into our diets as we grew up. We made a conscious decision to return to this mindset, and dive deeper into the benefits, history, and wealth of knowledge encompassed under Ayurvedic medicine. And slowly but surely, as we researched and tried these natural remedies for ourselves, we saw our focus and attention regained in a more sustainable way, we enjoyed more fulfilling and restful sleep, and found ourselves to feel happier and more creative.

The realization that our desires for increased focus, better rest, and higher output could have been fulfilled using natural herbal remedies all along was both profound and concerning to us. We wondered how many people our age who are trying to get ahead, treat their bodies healthier, and optimize the output their minds can produce were unknowingly doing more harm than good to their creativity and overall well-being by forming addictions to heavy pharmaceuticals. Was there a way we could share accurate and honest knowledge with these people to help them get what they want while also immensely benefitting their bodies?


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