Gathering a beneficial herb’s extract or root powder is essentially collecting the physical connection the plant has with the earth – what allowed the being to grow, prosper, and eventually be harvested. It is through these connections that nutrients, water, and other forms of sustenance contributed to the life of this herb, and as humans, we can sustainably enjoy the immensely healing properties they provide.

Herbs and roots have been used by centuries to heal the mind, provide benefit to our bodies and muscles, and even produce beneficial side effects that induce better rest, focus, and happiness. Some can be used for detoxification and purification, while others might be most enjoyed while reading a good book in bed. While some can be consumed in their powder form, others are best consumed in a tea blend or with a slice of lemon and hot water.

Whatever your preferred method of consumption or desired outcome may be, learn more about the power of these powerful plants, their history, and what makes them so exceptional for your well-being.