Allowing the mind to repair, rebuild, and sustain.

Ahhh, sleep. We all need it, and yet not all of us are able to fully benefit from it. And while sleep deficits can manifest and grow into ailments that spill over into our relationships, harm our bodies, and make us age faster, not all of us feel in control of how we sleep. In an age with so many habit-forming chemicals and pharmaceutical “solutions” to the problem of sleep quality, our aim is simple – to make our readers consider the natural alternatives that not only help in producing better quality sleep, but empowers your body to do what it does best – repair itself while you rest.

Let’s Talk Rest.

14 Best Morning Routines and Habits for Successful Living

Just as setting bedtime routines can be an incredibly powerful practice to get to sleep more efficiently, morning routines can help prime us both physically and mentally to take on the day to come. With so much noise and so many distractions to deal with from the...

Caffeine Naps – How to Power Up and Maximize Productivity

Mental and physical health professionals alike advise us that that we can optimize our body’s natural output by committing roughly 8 hours to quality sleep every night. It is only while we sleep that our brain is able to rest, our muscles are given enough time to...

6 Bedtime Routines and Sleep Rituals for Better Rest

The best habits we can develop are those that keep our health in check. Whether we make a point of reaching for the sugar-free yogurt with our breakfast in the morning to instilling an evening ritual around going to the gym, these practices we develop become easier...

Best Tea that Helps You Sleep

Don’t you love the feeling drifting naturally off to sleep from a long day of physical exercise that leaves you genuinely exhausted? Growing up, I would attend an outdoor activities camp every summer that would jam-pack every second of the day with hiking, biking,...

When You Dream About Someone Are They Thinking of You?

“All days are nights to see till I see thee, And nights bright days when dreams do show thee me.” -William ShakespeareDreams are curious, marvelous, and sometimes frightening phenomenon that have the ability to reveal truths about ourselves that we often push below...

7 Ayurvedic Medicine for Sleep Disorders and Quality Rest

Did you know that in the United States alone, nearly 70% of adults experience poor sleep at least one night a month, with 11% reporting insufficient sleep every night? According to Sleephealth.org, approximately 50 to 70 million Americans experience sleep-related...

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