(bye) depression.

You don’t have to carry that heavy burden by yourself.

As individuals who have both experienced depression in our lives, we approach the topic by acknowledging that while lifestyle changes, natural solutions, and ayurvedic remedies may work for some, for others, these suggestions are best suited to be used in combination with pharmaceutical medications. From nourishing your gut and practicing meditation, to finding the best herbs and roots that work for you, our mission is to share knowledge and ideas that may make you consider more holistic ways to address depression and mood.

Let’s talk depression.

Showing Up – How to Be the Best Version of Yourself

If what we bring to the table changes day-to-day, that variability leaves a lot at stake. We are relied on by our friends, family, and workmates to show up time and time again as consistent performers, and yet we as humans don’t have as much control over this sense of...

Foods that Naturally Increase Serotonin Production in the Brain

A healthy and consistent diet does wonders for our bodies and our brains that outweigh the benefits any vitamin, supplement, or workout exercise could ever offer. The nutritional value in the well-balanced diet helps to regulate important bodily functions such as...

Best Essential Oils for Depression and Anger

As nice as it would be to experience sunshine, rainbows, and happiness every day, the reality of situation stressors such as difficulties at work or in our relationships sometimes cause us to have some truly awful days. From getting into an intense argument with our...

Happiness: How Many Days Does It Take to Make it a Habit?

Yes, that’s right – I’m referring to happiness as a habit that can be trained and instilled as a practice in our daily lives. Why? Because we have the ability to manifest environments that can be more conducive to our own personal happiness and force our minds to...

9 Natural Ways to Boost Serotonin Levels and Elevate Mood

Like dopamine and norepinephrine, serotonin is a naturally-occurring molecule that effects much more than just our happiness. In addition to promoting a balanced mood, serotonin is also responsible linked to our ability to get a good night’s rest, retain critical...

Natural Mood Enhancers to Promote Happiness and Creativity

The reality of life is that we can’t always bring the fun to the party. We can’t be expected to show up every moment of the day wearing our best happy face, especially when we recognize the inauthenticity of this act when we’re really just playing the role of happy to...

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